Product Information

Product Name PERFECTHA
Product Type Hyaluronic acid (HA) filler
Country of Manufacture France
Manufacturer Sinclair
Item Name Biomaterials for tissue repair
Purpose of Use Temporary improvement of facial wrinkles

Product Type

Model Name
HA Content 20mg/ml
Volume 0.8ml*1ea 1ml*1ea 1ml*1ea 1ml*3ea
Injection Sites Mid dermis Mid dermis Deep dermis Subcutaneous
Precautions 1. Perfectha should not be used with other implant materials than other lines of Perfectha.
2. Pregnant women, lactating women and children are prohibited from use.
3. Avoid other procedures like chemical peeling, before and after the procedure, which may cause active skin reaction.
4. Before the procedure, you should consult about the medical treatment you are receiving.

* Perfectha is a biomaterial for tissue repair used to temporarily improve the wrinkles on the face.

* Perfectha is a medical device, so please read the precautions and usage methods carefully.

* This product advertisement received permission under the Medical Devices Industry Association: 2015-I10-38-2071