Product Information

Product Name FACETEM
Product Type Calcium (CaHA) filler
Country of Manufacture Korea
Manufacturer CGBIO
Item Name Biomaterials for tissue repair
Purpose of Use Temporary improvement of facial wrinkles

Product Type

Model Name
Volume 1.5cc *1ea 0.8cc*2ea
Product Explanation 1. The face system is a subcutaneous implant for improving wrinkles in a non-fuming paste form.
2. Main ingredients of the filler, polymer gel carrier, calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA), are mixed in appropriate ratio, and injected into the body through the needle.
3. After a certain period of time after injection into the human body, the polymer gel is degenerated and absorbed by the human body, and calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) micron particles penetrate into the tissue to fill up the depressed space and support the tissue.

*FACETEM is a tissue repair material used to temporarily improve the wrinkles of the face.

*FACETEM is a medical device, please read carefully the instructions and how to use.

*Medical Advertisement Review Completed: 2015-I10-38-2070