Through special products and differentiated product strategies,
We augment health to your beauty.

Esthemed exported to various overseas countries


C+ Series

Ethemed’s skin whitening solution for dull skin
C+ Whitening line
  • Multi Vita Capsule
    Cleansing Foam
  • C+ Vita Essence Toner
  • Whitening Serum
  • C+ Laser White

Multi Vita Series

Ethemed’s energy-boosting solution for tired skin.
Multi Vita Resilience line
  • Multi Vita Fluid
  • Multi Vita Serum
  • Multi Vita Wrinkle Cream

Hydra Series

Ethemed’s skin moisturizing solution for dry skin
Hydra Moist line
  • Hydra B3 Mist
  • Hydra B5 Serum
  • Hydra Facial Oil
  • Hydra B6 Cream

Miracle Spa

Deep Moisturizing / Nutrient Solution of Hot Springs and Natural Origin Oil
Miracle Spa line
  • Miracle Spa Toner
  • Miracle Spa Serum
  • Miracle Spa Cream
  • Miracle Spa Hair
    & Body Wash
  • Miracle Spa
    Body Lotion


Skin-enhancing, high-functioning line that contains a invigorating ingredients
  • Gold Energy Cream