Through special products and differentiated product strategies,
We augment health to your beauty.
Easydew EX, Skin care for different skin troubles
“We studied the skin and made it differently”

Easydew EX is a specialized brand of aesthetic care customized for skin trouble types through
72-year history Daewoong Pharmaceutical’s proprietary sh-Oligopeptide-1 (DW-EGF) and esthetic specialists

Easydew providing efficient and effective care for healthy skin

It is an authentic Cosmeceutical DW-EGF cosmetic that returns your skin
to healthy and elastic skin through the core management by skin trouble types.

 DW-EGF, a skin solution containing differentiated effects of youth with protein DW-EGF
” We deliver transforming skin through truly effective ingredients.”

The heart of beautifully shining healthy skin care is skin basis care.
Through the fundamental care of skin by filling up EGF into a dull and dry skin, it helps to manage the skin with radiant and bright skin.

Differentiated Brand to Users

  • EasyDew EX to be selected through counseling
  • Easydew selected directly by customer by skin trouble types
  • Easydew DW-EGF proposing home care solution

Easydew EX Repair Control

Repair Control

Even after receiving the same skin care, the effect varies depending on how you manage your care afterwards. Easydew EX repair control temporarily alleviates the discomfort of sensitive skin, which is weakened in protection, and calms it with intensive moisturizing care to make it healthy.

  • Pure Mild Cleansing Gel


  • All Calming Toner


  • Moisture Essential Mist


  • Repair Control EGF
    Active Soothing Serum


  • Renewal Moisture
    Renewal Intensive Moisture


  • Double Shield Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++
    Mineral BB SPF46 PA++


Easydew EX Red Control

Red Control

Choosing cosmetics for sensitive skin, which easily becomes irritated by small stimuli, requires careful considerations.
Easydew EX Red Control comfortably alleviates dry and sensitive skin.

  • Calming Serum
  • Calming Moisture
  • Calming Cream
  • Anti-Red BB SPF50+ PA+++

Easydew EX Trouble Control

Trouble Control

Trouble / oily skin usually holds more than one complex skin problems.
Easydew EX trouble control pores, keratin, sebum and various skin troubles from the roots of trouble to post-care to resolve various skin problems.

  • Purifying Cleansing Foam
  • All-clear Peeling Toner
  • Trouble Control E.G.F

Easydew EX Scalp Control

Scalp Control

Rich and strong hair grows in healthy scalp. Easydew EX Scalp Control is a premium scalp care product that strengthens the moisturizing barriers of scalp.

  • Revital Tonic

Easydew helps you maintain an elastic and healthy skin by suggesting the core solution ingredients for your skin trouble types.


Easydew STATER

The start of care for clean and transparent skin, Cleansing & Filling Line

  • Soft Cleansing Milk
  • Moist Whip Foam
  • Bright Peeling Gel

Easydew Re-derma

Firm skin elasticity by filling up with youth protein EGF, EGF charging care

  • Boosting Essence
  • Effect Cream
  • Master Ample

Easydew FILL UP

Face Volume Care that manages Diamond Zone and Full Face Zone

  • Volume Essence
  • Volume Spot

Easydew daily

Double moisturizing care for moist skin and healthy skin barrier

  • Double Hydra Toner
  • Double Hydra Essence
  • Double Hydra Cream
  • Finish All-in-One Moisture
  • Essential Barrier Mist
  • Double Hydra BB No. 1
  • Double Hydra BB No. 2

Easydew daily HOMME

Men's skin care for problems of being tired from external environment and frequent troubles

  • Soothing Toner
  • Sun Defense Lotion
  • Essential Lotion

Easydew EGSUN

Healthier by more application, more precise UV protection care

  • Ultra Shield Sun Cream
  • Velvet Primer
  • Tone Up Base

Easydew 2-STEP

Customized care by skin trouble types, two-step mask care

  • Dressing Hydra Mask
  • Face Contour Mask
  • Derma Peel Mask
  • Pore Bath Mask
  • Vita Toning Mask
EGF Cream

Solutions for reducing skin aging signs

DW-EGF, which was born with Daewoong Pharmaceutical’s technology, is a multi-functional cream that helps skin elasticity, moisturizing and nutrition.

  • DW-EGF Cream
  • DW-EGF Cream Limited
  • DW-EGF Cream Premium
  • DW-EGF Cream Pressome
EGF Master Mask

Mask containing the core technology of skin specialist institution

It is a special sheet mask that provides a vital energy to the tired skin with the combination of the EGF sheet and the 200,000ppm EGF complex essence,
and presents a healthy skin full of elasticity.

  • DW-EGF Master Mask
EGF Derma Needle

True premium home care created by combining DW-EGF with our patented technology

It is a home care program that offers new skin changes every day through the combination of needles containing DW-EGF and DW-EGF highly concentrated ampoules, the efficacy of DW-EGF is strongly transferred as if to have been managed by a specialized agency.

  • DW-EGF Derma Needle Program
EGF Double Whip Foam

Cleansing and moisturizing cleanser offering moisturizing with double care

It is foam cleansing that gives moist skin without the sense of pulling even after cleansing by adding microbubbles containing DW-EGF to powerful cleaning power that removes even the ultrafine dust.

  • DW-EGF Double Whip Foam