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Intensive Skin Care

Cellisys EX EGF Wrinkle 29 Activator 7ml x 4ea
A wrinkle-enhancing power activator that gives nourishment for elasticity to your sensitive and dry skin

Contains 10ppm of rh-EGF This product has been reported for the function of rh-EGF

Palmiontoyl Pentaide-4, Ceramide Enfy, Argan Tricornel Oil, etc., are included to supply nutrients to your skin and increase your elasticity.

Wrinkle-improving functional cosmetics

How to use Wrinkle 29 Activator for effective use by parts

The wrinkles are likely to occur on the forehead, eyebrows, and skin around the mouth, which are facing away from the direction of muscle tissue. Therefore, it is effective to control in 90 degrees from the wrinkle directions.

  • Apply activator on forehead upwards, 90º opposite direction of wrinkles, and massage the wrinkle region in zigzag motion as shown in the picture. It would relax muscles smoothly

  • Apply activator around the eyes and spread it gently in the direction of the arrow in 90º direction with the round eye muscles, and softly relax the muscles by tapping the eye area with the ring finger.

  • Apply activator on the Nasolabial folds as if pulling up the skin using the stop and ring finger in the direction of the mouth and the wrinkles and 90º direction.

Cellisys EX Wrinkle Solution Cream 50ml
A nourishing cream that gives a smooth and supple finish to your skin with a rich texture and abundant nutrition.

Contains sh-Oligopeptide-1 3ppm

Wrinkle-improving functional cosmetics

Argan oil and macadamia seed oil to provide rich nutrition to dry skin Care for smooth and resilient skin

In the cream stage, take an appropriate amount, spread it gently along the skin texture, wrap it in the palm of your hand and let it absorb.

Daily Skin Care

Cellisys EX Wrinkle Solution Skin Softener 120ml
Essence-type elastic nutrition skin providing soft moisturizing

Contains sh-Oligopeptide-1 1ppm

Wrinkle-improving functional cosmetics

Contains berry extract that helps in skin texture and provides moisturizing feeling to dry skin.

After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount to the face and neck along the skin texture and tap it to absorb it.

Cellisys EX Wrinkle Solution Eye Contour Cream 35ml
Elastic & whitening eye cream that regains nutritional balance and skin radiance shaken by dull and wrinkled eyes

Contains sh-Oligopeptide-1 3ppm

Whitening & Wrinkle-improving functional cosmetics

Contained peptides supply nutrients that are scarce , softly absorbed into the eyes, and provide moisturizing care

After using the cream, take an appropriate amount, apply gently to the eye area, and tap it to absorb.

Cellisys EX Wrinkle Solution Emulsion 120ml
Nourishing lotion to make healthy skin base by adjusting skin balance with abundant moisturizing and nutritious feelings

Contains sh-Oligopeptide-1 1ppm

Wrinkle-improving functional cosmetics

It contains Madecassoside, which protects the skin texture and gives skin change customized to your skin troubles.

In the emulsion stage, take an appropriate amount and gently apply it to the face and neck along with the skin texture and tap it to absorb.