Beauty Plastic Surgery Global Corporation Making Beauty

DNCompany is leading the of healthy transformation through various products and solutions.

Power to beautify the world, beyond the Republic of Korea.

DNCompany leads Korea’s beauty industry through innovation.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We deliver correct product information and the value of beauty to healthcare researchers who study beauty and consumers who pursue beauty, and we impress our customers with diversely valued solutions differentiated from our competitors.

    We are DNC.

  • Strategic Partnership

    We extend the values and merit of our products to first medical institutions and healthcare providers, and become strategic partners in revitalizing hospital management through solution development and provision.

    We are DNC.

  • True Impression

    We provide true inspiration with reliable quality products and services to all who pursue a beautiful and healthy life.

    We are DNC.

  • Create Value

    We supply excellent and safe products to domestic and overseas customers who research and pursue beauty, and who contribute to genuine value creation by providing creative and differentiated services.

    We are DNC.

We contribute to healthy beauty

Leading the beauty market with the best products and solutions

We go one step closer to our customers

DNCompany is approaching consumers with familiarity through various B2C platforms

  • This is the official website of Easydew, a specialized cosmetic product designed to solve various skin troubles through the cosmetics prescribed for sensitive skin and various skin types.
    Easydew WEBSITE >
  • It is DNC mall, the official shopping mall of Daewoong Pharma, which is a specialized sales mall of various products of DNCompany including Easydew, Easydew EX, Cellisys and Esteemed.
    DNC mall WEBSITE >
  • It is the official website of DW EGF, where EGF a substance that regenerates skin through promotion of various synthesis such as promoting skin cell proliferation and skin regeneration, and EGF is the world’s first medicine of its kind.