Department Introduction

  • Pharmaceutical Department

    As a medical information transmitter (MR) that delivers accurate medical information to customers based on learning about diseases, products, and competitors to contribute in improving the treatment satisfaction of doctors and patients.

  • Polaris Department

    We provide a variety of curation services needed for hospital management, contributing to the quality of life of patients and the growth of customers (doctors).

  • Development Marketing Department

    Marketing Team: By preemptively detecting changes in the market and understanding our customers’ needs, we achieve our goals and contribute to the growth of our company through strategies and innovative practices that lead to new opportunities.

    Development Team: We contribute to the company's mid-to-long-term growth by launching products, establishing approval strategies, registering licenses, and reflecting the policies of health authorities and related organizations.

    Global Business Team: We explore global new markets of cosmetic products (filler, toxin, cosmetics, EGF material) and expand sales in existing countries.

    Sales Planning Team: We design fair and competitive schemes / policies to create an immersive working environment.

  • Cosmetics Department

    Cosmetics Development Team: We deliver value for healthy beauty through new product planning and product development, branded BI regulations, and product strategy.

    Design Part: We contribute to brand value enhancement by establishing design strategies such as development of brand-related BI, products / containers, and promotional materials.

    Cosmetics Distribution Team: We expand distribution and sales of DNC cosmetics such as home shopping, online, and duty-free shops.

    Cosmetics Marketing Team: We contribute to the company's interests by creating ideas, brand and sales strategies based on data.

  • Management Support Team

    We contribute to the growth of the company by efficiently establishing business plans, managing corporate and business unit targets, and efficiently supporting management resources.