Business Areas

Total care solutions (products and services) that contribute to healthy beauty
are provided in the most valuable ways.

  • Doctor to Doctor

    Doctor to Doctor Education is conducted nationwide more than 3 times a week in Korea.
    With the support and interest of many doctors, the scale is getting bigger everyday.
    Moreover, we invite many overseas doctors to Korea, and we are creating a forum where they can listen to lectures and interact with Korean doctors.

  • Doctor to Distributor

    To you, the partners of DNC, DNC’s Key Doctors give lectures directly on the product and its procedures.
    They will provide you with a deeper and more realistic understanding of the product.

  • DNC to Distributor

    DNC not only gives you, the partners of DNC, information about the products but also gives you the exclusive know-how of DNC,
    which has made them successful in Korea.

  • Binding Program

    By connecting leading domestic doctors and overseas doctors, we are creating a venue where they can exchange knowledge and experiences.
    With the rise in the satisfaction and interest among the doctors, the numbers are gradually increasing.

  • Grand Launching Symposium

    Based on the experience of the grand launching symposium in Korea, each exporting country supports the early market preoccupancy through the successful Grand Launching Symposium.